Hiking & Ski Touring in the Sarntal

The Sarner Valley is located at the heart of South Tyrol. The Alps of Sarntal are a paradise for hiking and ski touring. You can start your tour directly from Durnholz, as many hiking trails start here.

DestinationSea LevelWalk Time
Jakobspitze 2737 m 4 hours
Kassianspitze 2470 m 4 hours
Latzfonser Kreuz2304 m 3,5 hours
Flaggerschartenhütte 2482 m 3,5 hours
Schrotthorn 2585 m 4 hours
Durnholzer Jöchl 2235 m 2,5 hours
Tellerjoch 2530 m 3 hours
In the winter these trails can be used for ski touring and with a little bit of luck, you're the first to set foot on the fresh snow.


Foto Latzfonserkreuz Foto Durnholzer See Foto Durnholz Winter